Welcome to the landing page for all of the Learn CNC courses on this website. If you want, you can go ahead and use the links to the right to go to the section that you want. Otherwise if you are completely new to this and have no idea where to start, keep reading.


Learn CNC is a website I am developing to provide as much information as possible for people wanting to build a CNC machine. The information will be provided by a short >5min video, although I’m not entirely sure how I want to format the videos yet. As of now my plan is to basically have a PowerPoint presentation and record it with a screen recorder and a microphone. I will be including plenty of diagrams, illustrations and animations so it isn’t just a boring presentation. There will be one video per sub-section, and I will attempt to transcribe the video for those who would rather read instead of watch videos.


The content will be broken into three main sections: Preparation and Purchasing, Building a CNC Mill, and Advanced. Below is a rough description of each section.

Planning and Purchasing:

  1. Beginning – a brief overview of all of the steps required for building a CNC mill. This will cover different types of machines, options, and skill required.
  2. Cost – estimate total cost for building a CNC, as well as necessary budgeting steps to take before beginning
  3. Suppliers and Additional Resources – A list of recommended suppliers, and places to find more information

Building a CNC Mill:

  1. Preparation – Getting the donor mill prepared for various modifications
  2. Linear Motion – all aspects of linear motion including: ballscrews, leadscrews, ways, gibs, encoders, linear guides, and linear bearings. Multiple videos possible.
  3. Rotary Motion – all aspects of rotary motion including: stepper motors, servo motors, rotary encoders, roller bearings, angular contact bearings. Multiple videos possible.
  4. Electronics – different options for all of the electronics, motor drivers, motion controllers, encoders, switches, and anything in between. Multiple videos possible.
  5. Software CAD/CAM/CNC – free and professional CAD, CAM, and CNC control software. I will explore many popular options for each category.
  6. Summary – ready to start building? This will contain some recommended manufacturers and retailers, additional information resources, and any other misc. topics.

Advanced Topics:

  1. I don’t have any material prepared for this yet, but topics I would like to put here include: Precision Theory, Mechanics of Materials, option CNC accessories like Automatic Tool Changers, 4th and 5th axes, touch probes and toolsetters, and any other “non necessary” information that is still relevant.