My name is Taylor Schweizer and I am a Teaching Lab Coordinator at Iowa State University. I support, maintain, and help design the laboratory experiments for:

  • ME 370 – Engineering Measurements
  • ME 411 – Automatic Controls
  • ME 418 – Mechanical Considerations in Robotics
  • ME 421 – System Dynamics and Control

Before getting hired full-time at Iowa State, I received my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State. Before that, I went to North Iowa Area Community College and completed the first year of the Tool & Die program where I learned a lot about manual machining and precision measuring. I live with my wonderful fiance and our mischievous cat.


Machining has been a large part of my life ever since my senior year of high school, which is when I completed the Tool & Die program. I have purchased two G0704 milling machines, and have embarked on many personal projects. In addition to my manufacturing hobby, I spend a lot of time working with electronics and robotics.  This website is a sort of way for me to help share my knowledge and experience with others.