Op-Amp Experimentation 1: Op-Amp Basics

Op-Amp Experimentation 2: Basic Circuit Math

Op-Amp Experimentation 3: Op-Amp Applications

Op-Amp Experimentation 4: From Ideal to Real

Op-Amp Experimentation 5: Integrator

Op-Amp Experimentation 6: Differentiator

Op Amp Experimentation 7: PID Controller – coming soon

So on the previous page we integrated, now I want to try and pull off a derivative. This should be relatively simple, here is the circuit:


I used the exact same Arduino code as the previous page. Here is the adjusted data:

Op Amp Derivative

You can clearly see that the INPUT is the derivative of the OUTPUT. On the next page I will finally introduce my overall goal and final project: A PID CONTROLLER MADE OF DISCRETE COMPONENTS!


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