Op-Amp Experimentation 1: Op-Amp Basics

Op-Amp Experimentation 2: Basic Circuit Math

Op-Amp Experimentation 3: Op-Amp Applications

Op-Amp Experimentation 4: From Ideal to Real

Op-Amp Experimentation 5: Integrator

Op-Amp Experimentation 6: Differentiator

Op Amp Experimentation 7: PID Controller – coming soon

Okay, let’s test some of this out. For the record, I am using Visual Studio 2015 and a Teensy 3.2 for these tests. The first thing I want to try out is the integrator.

The equation for this is: {V_{out}} =  - {1 \over {{R_2}{C_1}}}\int {{V_{in}}\left( t \right)dt}

Here is the circuit that I made for doing some integration:


I had the A14 pin on the Teensy write a simple sine wave, and recorded the input. Here is the resulting output:

OpAmpIntegrationRawResult OpAmpIntegrationResult


As you can see, if the OUTPUT is a sine wave, the INPUT is the integration of that sine wave. It works! Here is the Arduino code I made:

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Op-Amp Experimentation 5: Integrator
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