So I have access to two Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-M1 5-axis robotic arms. Below are some pictures and a video of a test program, but before that I thought I’d talk a bit about what my plans are for these arms.

Currently the arms are controlled by a little handheld jogbox. You simply move the robot arm to the position you want and record the point, rinse and repeat that until you have a program. This program is just running through the prerecorded points. Useful, but not quite what I want to do.

I also have access to a Kinect V2. I want to make a GUI to control the robotic arm from my computer (using the same point-record method) as opposed to the handheld jog box. Once I have this completed, I want to somehow implement the Kinect to do some sort of object tracking.

I don’t really have a specific function I want to perform, all I know is that I want to use the arms to interact with something in a real-time situation.

Anyways, here is the media:

Two arms that I have access to

Robot Arm Part 1: Mitsubishi Movemaster RV-M1 Setup

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