So after playing around with my stock Rostock Max V3 printer, and getting some decent prints, I decided that I needed to take a fully functional printer and modify it for no reason.

Well, there actually were a few reasons. I was having a huge problem with stringing in my prints. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Octoprint, and the leveling system used in the stock firmware. So, I decided to make some upgrades.

  1. Duet Wifi controller – I wanted a touch screen, the 256 microstepping, and the mesh grid leveling
  2. E3D V6 – this hotend is a bit better than the stock HE280
  3. FSR leveling system – this replaces the accelerometer leveling on the HE280 with Force Sensitive Resistors

I used Michael Hackeny’s (this guy is a god with delta printers) guide on converting a Rostock Max V3 controller to a Duet Wifi, as well as his FSR guide to install these items. Here are some photos.

New Components – Duet Wifi, FSR system, E3D V6, 7″ PanelDue
Old electronics – I am not good at wire management
Sorry about the horrible picture, but here it is
I needed to make an FSR plate, so I got the DXF from Michael Hackneys page and printed out a template
The template cutout and ready to trace
Got the cutout traced, and got my cat to help
The plate is cutout. I apologize about the mess, I am just a very unorganized person.
Test fit
Here is the FSR mounted with the silicon pad
Pretty much done at this point, just need to clamp the build plate down.

And the final printer, in all its glory!

The printer worked great with these components, and after a bit of tweaking I was getting really good prints. Check out my Chevy LS3 page to see some examples.

The Rostock of Theseus – Part 2: First Upgrades, Duet Wifi, FSR, PanelDue, and E3D V6
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